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2HSS858 Hybrid Servo Driver and motor available 0582209176

1.1 Overview The 2HSS858H stepper servo drive system integrates the servo control technology into the digital stepper drive perfectly. This stepper servo driver uses the latest 32-bit DSP and combines the advanced servo algorithm to control. Compared to the traditional step drive, this step servo driver can completely avoid the stepper motor lost step problem, and effectively restrain the temperature rise of the motor, reduce the motor vibration, greatly enhance the performance of high-speed motor. The driver is half price of the AC servo system. At the same time, the size of the adapter is compatible with the traditional step motor, which is convenient for customers to upgrade and replace. In short, the stepper servo driver set the advantages of no lost step, low temperature rise, high speed, high torque, low cost and so on in one, is a cost-effective high motion control products.

1.2 Features

 Without losing step, High accuracy in position

 100% rated output torque

 Variable current control technology, High current efficiency

 Little vibration, Smooth and reliable moving at low speed

 Accelerate and decelerate control inside, Great improvement in smoothness of starting or stopping the motor

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